Simple, Yet Effective

One of our biggest theft items in our store is a $500 vacuum cleaner. I know that this vacuum is sold in just about every big box retailer out there. It is one of the products that big box, middle market and home improvement all have in common. I know that where I work, we have had a hard time figuring out how to stop shoplifting using Checkpoint labels.

 First off, the Checkpoint security tag is not a good option for this product. There really isn’t a place to attach it, so we stick just to the RF Security labels. Initially, we didn’t have any sort of RF label on the product. That was a big mistake. After our corporate LP team realized the scope of our losses across the company, they decided to step up their game.

 The next step they took was to have RF security labels on the outside of the box, thinking it would be a good deterrent. Well, that worked for about a minute.  The thieves just picked the sticky RF label right off and out the door they went.

 The next step was to use the same RF labels, but put them on the inside of the box where they could not be peeled off the box. Well, words got out that our stores were no longer free and easy targets and our shrink losses started a vast decline.

 Sometimes it really is just as simple as that to stop shoplifting.

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