Shoplifting: Requiring increased diligence on the part of retailers.

There is a phenomenon that is changing the way in which retailers react to shoplifting.  Retailers are aware that organized crime groups are increasingly targeting retailers who have not taken clear steps to prevent shoplifting. In the current economic situation, shoplifting is becoming a more attractive and lucrative business for those involved in organized retail crime.  Retailers are seeing shoplifters take entire display racks of merchandise during a single shoplifting event. The utilization of retail anti theft devices is effective in combating the growing problem of shoplifting.  It is almost the standard for retailers to utilize anti theft devices as part of an overall plan to prevent shoplifting. Large retail organizations have seen the benefits for using retail anti theft devices to confront the growing problem of shoplifting.

            Loss prevention professionals are acutely aware of the role that retail anti theft devices play in creating an effective program to combat shoplifting.  Retailers must be proactive if they are going to prevent themselves from sustaining devastating losses from organized retail shoplifting rings.  The combination of attentive customer service associates and the use of retail anti theft devices are the keys to prevent shoplifting.  Devices such as EAS tags placed on merchandise and EAS pedestals positioned at entrances and exits to stores.  These devices continue to be the primary physical deterrents to prevent shoplifting. 

            It is obvious that the return on investment for utilizing retail anti theft devices within a retail location is immeasurable.  Having a clear plan and mechanism in place to address shoplifting is extremely important for retailers serious about saving money.  I have seen firsthand, the impact that anti theft devices have had on reducing losses from shoplifting.  The goal of every retailer should be to prevent shoplifting.  The use of retail anti theft devices is one way to do just that.

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