Shoplifting Is Out Of Control…In your Store? – Atlanta

With the volume of shoplifting at tens of millions of dollars every day Retailers are always under attack. In my 30 plus years of loss prevention I have never found a retailer that is immune to shoplifting. Prevention is the key. If you wait until the shoplifter steals and then apprehend you are losing money and time. You will not be able to stop them all. The only way to prevent shoplifting is have a two-fold process.

First, you must know who and what you are dealing with. Many retailers I have spoke with think they know what a shoplifter looks like. The fact is that shoplifters for the most part look exactly like the rest of your customers. Just because you have caught a few shoplifters and they look a certain way only means that this is the type of person YOU are looking for. You cannot focus on a persons “look”. Not that I have anything against profiling. But to solve the problem you need to know what a shoplifter thinks and does. The only way to accomplish this is training from experts for you and your employees.

Next, You must have a store environment that speaks a message to the shoplifter of “deterrence”. Many retailers think that methods to prevent shoplifting with discourage their good customers, far from it. In fact most good customers do not see your theft prevention programs in place. They look past them because they do not apply to them and they are simply not there to steal.

So what is this prevention program? It consists of several key elements. These include: Your real commitment to stopping shoplifting, strong pre-established policy and procedure, employees trained in customer service, an EAS system such as Checkpoint Systems and possibly CCTV.

Training must be on going. Simply doing it once and thinking you have solved the problem is wrong. You have to reinforce it several times a year. You must insure that all new employees are trained. Another issue is to really have your employees on board with your on-going attack on shoplifting. They have to support it.

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