Shoplifting: Don’t become a victim.

Retailers in today’s business environment must be aware that shoplifting is a reality that persists and is resulting in more losses now than in the past. It is imperative for retailers to find an effective way to prevent shoplifting.  This is not an easy task as shoplifting has become such a big business.  There are groups of individuals who make their living preying on retailers who appear to be less protected against shoplifting.  These are usually retailers who do not have visible retail anti theft devices in use in their stores.

            In my experience as a loss prevention manager, I regularly talked with my associates about ways to prevent shoplifting.  One point I made sure I emphasize is ensuring that we are utilizing the retail anti theft devices that we had on hand.  I have seen tremendous success in reducing the overall loss in a store simply by the consistent practice of utilizing anti theft devices such as EAS tags. The perspective shoplifter understands that it is now going to take more time and effort to shoplift from this location.  Shoplifters are less likely to risk getting caught if they feel the store is proactive in trying to prevent shoplifting.

            The utilization of retail anti theft devices alerts the shoplifter that the store is serious about protecting its assets.  Shoplifters look for easy targets and prefer to bring as less attention to their criminal actions as possible.  Retail anti theft devices makes sure this isn’t possible.  EAS pedestals alarm at the door if a suspected shoplifters tries to conceal merchandise on their way out that has an EAS tags attached to it.  This is not the ideal situation for a shoplifter to be in. It is extremely important that the retailer create an environment in their stores that is shoplifter un-friendly.  Anti theft devices are great tools to use in order to prevent shoplifting and save the retailer money.   

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