Shoplifting and How To Prevent It.

Shoplifting has a significant impact on the retail industry.  While the true figure is debated by the leading retail industry organization, it is known that it is a multi-billion dollar business in itself.  As a result of this activity, many industry leaders have invested in resources to prevent shoplifting.

 These investments have come as direct result of the impact of shortage, which is made up of shoplifting, internal theft and operational error.  While internal theft and operational error impact the business, this article will focus on preventing shoplifting and the retail anti theft devices used.  To prevent shoplifting, a business leader needs to first identify how the losses are occurring.   Once the method is identified, the leader can then implement the use of retail anti theft devices.  These retail anti theft devices can be CCTV systems, RF tags, clothing article security tags, and remote monitoring systems.  These Retail anti theft devices can have a significant impact to prevent shoplifting.  To effectively use retail anti theft devices and prevent shoplifting, the retail leader should compare their shortage number before and after the use of retail anti theft devices.

 To prevent shoplifting the use of retail anti theft devices can act as a part of an overall loss prevention strategy.   Retail anti theft devices are so effective in preventing shoplifting, that I have seen high shortage stores effectively reduce levels to below industry and national standards within a years inventory cycle.

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