Security Is A Fundamental Part Of Any Company; The Alpha 3 Alarm Can Provide The Protection You Need

I have worked in law enforcement for over 15 years and have responded to shoplifting calls on a regular basis. Unfortunately some are more difficult to resolve due to the lack of evidence, mostly due to the lack of security and witnesses. I have noticed throughout my career that store policies fluctuate substantially when it comes to how employees are allowed to respond to shoplifting events. Some stores don’t allow employees to make accusations, even if they see the violation, or to pursue someone who has stolen items from the store. Some of these stores don’t have security or loss prevention personnel and rely on management level employees to handle these types of situations. This can pose a problem when the managers are not working or are not available. This becomes very frustrating for hard working employees who feel as though their hard work and dedication is irrelevant. I had an incident I responded to in which the employee was very frustrated with the lack of security and protocol at her store. I got called to a shoplifter at the mall. When I arrived I was contacted by a shopper who stated she had watched two females exit the store with several items of clothing. She said the two females were running with non-bagged items, which seemed suspicious, yet no one was chasing them. She got the vehicle description and license plate number and provided that to me. After my investigation I learned that the two ladies had been shopping in one of the stores and were trying on multiple items.  A store associate was assisting with size changes when the ladies bolted from the store taking several items with them. The employee indicated that it was against their policy to pursue shoplifters, even if they witnessed the act. The only reason the shoplifters were brought to justice was because of a concerned citizen who acted on instinct. This store had no security in place, no loss prevention and a policy that prevented employee response to these types of incidents, which left them completely vulnerable to theft.  These women had shoplifted from this store on multiple occasions because they knew they could get away with it. Security may not seem important or cost-efficient but I can tell you it is worth the investment. The best way to protect your property and prevent shoplifting is by using Alpha 3 Alarm technology.


Various types of security products can be equipped with an Alpha 3 Alarm to support all of your merchandising needs. This technology alerts store personnel in the event of a theft by emitting an audible alarm upon exit. The Alpha 3 Alarm will also sound if someone attempts to remove the device from the merchandise in the store or damages it in some way.  There are various types and sizes of hard tags available to secure your property and prevent shoplifting. They are re-useable and won’t damage the item or garment. They work great as a visual deterrent for those who have the intent to steal from your store. This can provide an alert to the managers or loss prevention personnel, on sight, so they can take action to stop the shoplifter. 

I know many people think that having a loss prevention program is burdensome and expensive. Therefore, having a no pursuit, no contact, no action policy seems easier, but you are not only hurting your bottom line and encouraging shoplifting in your store, but you are also hurting your employees and your customers. Higher shoplifting rates result in higher consumer costs and lower wages, causing dissatisfaction; resulting in employee and consumer loss. The Alpha 3 Alarm is a cost-efficient way to prevent shoplifting, improve profit and customer satisfaction, while maintaining a pleasant shopping experience. 


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