Securing your removal keys is a no-brainer

Every type of security device is removed in one of two methods: the legitimate way using a corresponding removal key, and the illegitimate way which usually involves a pair of pliers or bolt-cutters.  Savvy shoplifters know how to identify the legitimate tools and always look for opportunities to get their hands on them.  Every so often they succeed thanks to the laziness, forgetfulness, or plain carelessness of an employee. 

I’ve seen some companies secure the tools right to the cash wrap and others require their employees to carry them on their person or stash them in a register.  For stores using Spider Wraps, 2 Alarm, or 3 Alarm retail anti theft devices only the last two methods are plausible as it would prove impossible to remove a Spider Wrap with a tool that was welded to a counter.  In my experience, the best way to ensure the convenient removal of your Spider Wraps is to make it impossible for your tools to wander.  Obviously there is no sure-fire practice as every store operates differently, but I am basing my suggestion on a fairly ‘textbook’ store setup. 

In most stores there is usually a space (or cubby-hole if you prefer) somewhere directly beneath or nearby the register.  Installing a small storage space, similar to a hide-a-key on the underside of the space provides you with a discreet area to protect your removal tools from prying eyes while also keeping them in an area your employees will remember since it will be so unique.

Keep in mind though that regardless of how you secure you try to prevent shoplifting by protecting your retail anti theft device removal tools if a shoplifter really wants to get their hands on one, they will find a way.

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