Rise Above the Challenge – Alpha Nano Gate

At a high-end retailer that I used to work for, the store had two levels with escalators going up and down in the center atrium. If anyone went up or down, we knew about it. There was no need to have anything like Alpha Nano Gate at the escalators because of our great visibility.

Where we could have used the Alpha Security Nano Gate was at the elevator. These were tucked away in a far corner right next to an exterior door.  To this day, I don’t know how much merchandise we lost out that door because someone picked up something on the second floor, went on the elevator and then scooted right out the door. It was because we had no way to prevent shoplifting in the elevator.

It was first brought to my attention when an employee had seen two women pick up several designer suits and hastily scurry toward the elevator. My employee was smart and called down to the department closest to the elevator on the bottom floor and told them to wait by the elevator and offer their assistance.

Sure enough, as soon as the elevator opened, the women were shocked to see someone waiting. They handed over the stack of suits and left the store with out trying on or buying anything.

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