RF Security Tags as Evidence

Fragrances have been and always will be one of our most targeted items for theft in our stores. It is a small and easily concealable item. The merchandise is desirable for those looking to treat themselves, but also has a high dollar street value for criminals trying to make some easy money. Online resale shops are flooded with the product and if you take a stroll through a local flea market or resale shop you will probably find some there as well. Some businesses have resorted to locking up every fragrance they have, but the biggest problem with that is the missed sales when an attendant isn’t readily available to access the product for the customer. RF security labels have been in use on fragrances and other products for many years. It is a sleek and small RF label that doesn’t harm the product or its packaging.

 The problem comes when the product is removed from its packaging. While some shoplifters are just after the product inside for their own use, the major shortage contributors are the shoplifters that want to sell the product. If they are going to sell it, they are going to need the packaging in order for the fragrance to be worth anything. Therefore the main thing that they are going to remove is the cellophane and the RF security label that is attached. When looking for evidence of theft in your building, be aware that all you might find is a little cellophane and some RF labels. When you identify an issue, you can increase your focus on that area to stop shoplifting.

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