Retail Anti Theft Devices: The smart way to save money.

Retail anti theft devices help retailers save thousands in losses by helping prevent theft.  These devices are especially effective at helping to prevent shoplifting.  These devices are cost effective and provide a visible theft deterrent.  This visible theft deterrent helps prevent shoplifting.

 Security labels and security tags offer merchandise protection for a variety of products.  Clothing and outerwear often use security tags that are pinned to the articles.  High dollar electronics and video games often use integrated security labels, which are integrated into the packaging of the product.  There are also security systems that utilize RF technology that gives off an audible alarm whenever merchandise passes through its field without being deactivated or detached.

            Retail anti theft devices have been effective at reducing losses due to shoplifting and internal theft.  As a loss prevention professional, I can not imagine what the losses would be for a major retailer that did not have at least some of the anti theft devices in operations at their stores.  I have seen stores have shrink losses of almost a million dollars and reduce that number by half the first year after adding an RF security system.  This was more than a 50% decline in inventory shortages. 

            Shoplifting accounts for a large amount of the losses occurring in the retail market.  This is why it is important to take every step possible to prevent shoplifting from happening.  It is too late once you get your inventory numbers back and they show a hundred thousand dollars in merchandise walked out your store.  A simple proactive solution to safeguarding your profits is to invest in retail anti theft devices.  There is no other investment that offers a return like arming your business to fight shoplifting.  These anti theft devices will give you the needed protection you want and will result in savings you can see.

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