Retail anti theft devices that work.

By now everyone has seen some type of retail anti theft devices whether it be as a customer in someone else’s store or something you purchased for you business.  The fact is you have to use something to prevent shoplifting if you want to keep profits high and prices low.  The number one cause of annual price increases in retail is shoplifting.  But with all of the options to choose from it can sometimes be hard to know what retail anti theft devices are right.

 Might I suggest Checkpoint Security as the solution?  I have had the opportunity to personally work with several different systems in my career.  Checkpoint Security offers great products at a great price and their customer service is generally better than some of their competitors who will remain nameless.  This is very important as you want to customize you security system to fit the needs of your business.  Cookie cutter systems don’t work nearly as well as those designed with you needs in mind.

 There are a variety of retail anti theft devices that you can get from Checkpoint.  They offer the classic sensor tags that can be placed on product.  You can now also get a variety of tags, both hard and soft, to better fit the exact type of product that you need to protect.  Checkpoint Security also offers first class camera / DVR equipment for monitoring the store.  Additionally, they offer full alarm systems to protect the building when you are not there. 

 Whatever help you need to prevent shoplifting, Checkpoint has the solution.  I have been pleased with how they have helped me and I know that they can assist you in the never ending fight to prevent shoplifting.

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