Retail Anti-Theft Devices: Technology For A Real Problem

Shoplifting or theft is as old as the marketplace.  For many years retailers worked with limited technology to address the issue, but today is a new day.  The loss prevention industry has long sought for new technology to provide an edge against shoplifting.  Recently, the focus has been on retail anti-theft devices as a means to prevent shoplifting.  Currently, there are many retail anti-theft devices on the markets, some examples are:  2 Alarm, 3 Alarm, Jewel Lok, Nano Gate, Shark Tag, and Spider Wrap.

Each of these tools has their place in the retail environment.  The 2 Alarm and the 3 Alarm security tags is a flexible article security tag.  It can be used for many different applications such as:  Clothing security, merchandise security and most of all to prevent shoplifting.  The 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm tags use RF or EAS technology to notify the store’s personnel in the event that merchandise is taken from the store.  These tags work best with merchandise that can be pinned.  The Jewel Lok is a small security tag.  The Jewel Lok is designed to work to secure your high priced jewelry.  The Jewel Lok works on the same principal as the 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm, but in a smaller package.  These devices are designed to prevent shoplifting

The shark tag and Spider Wrap are newer products to hit the marketplace.  The Shark tag is used to prevent loses that can occur from return fraud.  The Shark Tag is a non EAS/RF retail anti theft device.  It is attached to merchandise and easily removed by cutting.  This allows the retailer to see if the merchandise has been worn.  While not designed to prevent shoplifting, the retailer can then deny the return of unsellable merchandise.  Spider Wrap is used for securing merchandise packaged within boxes.  The Spider Wrap retail anti-theft device is a great tool for “tagging” these difficult to control items. 

All of the above mentioned retail anti-theft devices could be partnered with the Nano Gate.  The Nano Gate is a device that is placed on the exit/entrance of an area that needs to be secure and not have your product in the area.  I’ve worked in the loss prevention industry for a number of years and it’s my belief that it is important to invest in retail anti theft devices for the health of any business.

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