Retail anti theft devices for hardline product stores

If you have a retail store, no matter what its primary product line is, you have shoplifters.  Just as sheep herders have to worry about wolves and fish in the ocean have to worry about sharks, store owners have to worry about thieves.  It is sad that it is such a hard fact of life but despite the consequences that thieves face they still seek to prey on people trying to make an honest living.  Therefore, to ensure you can keep the wolves at bay and try and keep your inventory secure there are dozens of viable options at your disposal to prevent shoplifting.

When it comes to protecting hardline items, things such as tool sets and televisions, there aren’t as many options out there as there are for clothing or fabric items.  Chief among the hardline retail anti theft devices are Spider Wraps, 2 Alarm tags, and 3 Alarm tags, of course partnered with Nano Gates at the door.

Spider Wraps are best utilized on items with rectangular or boxy shapes like televisions, tool sets, power tools, vacuums, et cetera.  Once the wrap has been tightened to form the only way to remove it is with the appropriate key, or to cut one of the cables securing it, which of course sets of a rather loud and irritating alarm.  The 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm tags are actually just that; tags.  They are fitted to the protected product using a braided metal cable which, like the Spider Wrap, if it is cut sounds an alarm.  On top of that, all units are hardened which protects them from thieves trying to pry them open or worse, chew them apart. 

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