Retail anti theft devices continue to sell for a reason. They work!!!

Who buys products that don’t work?  The answer is, “No one”.  What business invests in equipment that doesn’t work?  Again, the answer is “None”.  The point I hope to get across is that in most all major business you will find retail anti theft devices.  The reason you will find them everywhere is because they work well to prevent shoplifting.

 I hear a lot of business leaders question the effectiveness of retail anti theft devices.  This is surprising to me as many are from my own company and we have shown repeatedly how effective these devices are to prevent shoplifting.  Here is a recent example of how I got to prove my point to a particularly skeptical Store Manager that I have.

 We use EAS tags on a lot of our boxed products.  This particularly goes for cosmetics, razors and other health and beauty products.  I was teaching a new LP agent how to catch shoplifters and we had noticed during our walk that only about half of the high dollar products were properly tagged.  Not too long after that we observed a shoplifter on the Health and Beauty aisle.  It was comical as we watched, because he picked up the highest dollar product, saw it was tagged and put it back.  He then did the same with the two price levels lower and finally found a price level not tagged and then attempted to steal that line.  It was clear how he wasn’t about to take the tagged product and had he not found any untagged I know he would have gone to the store across the street and tried there.  It was a perfect example to share with that manager just how impactful retail anti theft devices are to prevent shoplifting.

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