Retail Anti-Theft Devices and Correct Application

In my years of working in loss prevention I have seen some ridiculous misuses of company resources.  Most of the time it involves company employees pulling dangerous or inane stunts with equipment that they think is funny.  I have seen people riding pallet jacks like skateboards and driving scissor lifts through coffee shop drive-thrus. While such things fall within our realm of responsibility as liability issues they are actually not the worst misuse of equipment we come across.

 I am speaking specifically about incorrect or improper application of retail anti -theft devices.  I have seen retail anti-theft devices ineffectively attached to items (like putting cable locks on detachable or unsecured appendages), overused (putting a 2 Alarm AND Spider Wrap onto the same piece of product), or completely unused (EAS tags left in boxes instead of put on product). 

 If you are trying to prevent shoplifting then you need to be mindful of how to correctly implement your anti-theft devices in order to protect your assets and also make sure you aren’t wasting your time and money in the long run.

 Visit the Loss Prevention Store for Alpha 2Alarm, Alpha 3Alarm, Alpha Fashion2, Alpha Jewel Lok, Alpha Jewel Lock, Alpha Nano Gate,  Alpha Shark Tag, Alpha Spider Wrap and other retail anti-theft devices from Alpha Security to use in conjunction with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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