Retail Anti Theft Devices: A winning solution to preventing shoplifting.

Employing the use of retail anti theft devices has always been the first line of defense in controlling shoplifting.  Every specific plan to dete shoplifting should contain a component that includes retail anti theft devices.  Shoplifters are using various methods in which they try and disguise their criminal activities.  It is not easy for associates not trained in loss prevention to know a shoplifter from a regular customer. This is why anti theft devices provide the best solution to preventing shoplifting.

            Shoplifters want to appear to be your average everyday shopper.  The art of surprise is the goal of most perspective shoplifters.  One way in which retailers can turn the table on these shoplifters masquerading as shoppers is to utilize retail anti theft devices.  These devices have been proven method to prevent shoplifting.  Retailers have found that in order to prevent shoplifting that there must be a noticeable and pronounced deterrent.  Retail anti theft devices provides that observable deterrent.

            In a time where budgets are tight and there is simply not enough employees to watch the store and make the sales, another measure is need to help prevent shoplifting.  If an associate has to leave her register or is distracted by a customer, it could be the opportunity a perspective shoplifter is looking for.  The use of anti theft devices would create another layer of security for preventing shoplifting.  It is impossible to expect associates to be every where or to see everything. Clothing alarms and similar anti theft devices provides protection when associates simply are unable to prevent shoplifting.  In all my years of loss prevention experience I have seen many shoplifters walk away from an area that used anti theft devices and look for other items in the store that was not protected.  I am convinced that any plan to prevent shoplifting must include the use of retail anti theft devices.

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