Retail anti theft devices a must for Pharmacies.

You may be wondering why a Pharmacy would need retail anti theft devices when the narcotics and “good” drugs are all behind the counter.  The reason is that there are plenty of over the counter (OTC) medications that are highly target for shoplifting.  In order to protect these products stores need to consider investing in retail anti theft devices in order to prevent shoplifting.

 If you work in the Pharmacy business or sell OTC items in your store then you probably know there are a handful of products that can be used to make illegal drugs.  These products are hard to keep on the shelf for your legitimate clientele and you have the added responsibility to the greater good to try to keep your products from being used illegally.  In addition, there are just some popular items that are expensive and customers don’t want to pay for them.  With that said, I suggest Keeper cases from Alpha security as the answer to prevent shoplifting.  The Keeper cases are hard plastic cases that come in a variety of sizes.  They are made with intention of being just a little bigger than the product (so it will fit inside) without taking up unnecessary shelf space.

 The Keeper cases have an EAS tag built in so not only do they prevent the customer from getting to the product, they also work with your existing EAS system to alert you of potential theft.  The Keeper cases also give you the flexibility to keep you products openly displayed which is better for sales.  In my company we have seen a noticeable increase in smoking cessation sales since we moved them from locked cases to the Keeper cases.  And the best part … we still are controlling shrink.

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