Red Means Stop – Alpha Shark Tag

The Alpha Security Alpha Shark Tag is a small plastic tag that attaches to the front of a garment in a very conspicuous place. By design, these retail anti-theft devices are designed to be a deterrent against customers who want to “wardrobe” an item. That means the consumer intends to buy a piece of clothing with the sole intent on wearing it once and then returning the item with a receipt for a full refund.

To prevent wardrobing, the store posts a visible return policy stating that the Alpha Shark Tag must be present and undamaged for a full refund to occur. If the customer tries to remove the tag, they will not be able to return the item without visible damage to the tag.

Additionally, an unsuspecting shoplifter might bypass such an item because they assume the tags are also designed as a retail anti-theft device. Just like certain items found in nature, the red color of the Alpha Shark Tag means stop. It can prevent shoplifting because the red color can be spotted far enough away from the clothing that the shoplifter might think it is another visual deterrent.

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