Recognize the risk and prevent shoplifting – Atlanta Georgia

It can be extremely frustrating for a business owner to suffer a large loss due to shoplifting.  Owners and managers sometimes do not know where to begin to fix this issue.  In order to prevent shoplifting, one must recognize the factors within the business that make it at a greater risk to shoplifting, and then take measures to correct these factors while still providing a pleasing shopping environment to the honest customer.

Businesses do not want to cater to the shoplifter; just the paying shopper.

Businesses should consider keeping small expensive items or high theft items in locked cases or behind counters where employees control access to these items.  Having a policy in place to where the customer has to pay for the item at the counter is a good idea as well.  Theft can be greatly reduced by keeping these types of items secure until a customer is ready to purchase them.

Other controls in your business can help prevent shoplifting. Have employees located near restrooms and fitting rooms.  Also teach employees to check the number of items going into fitting rooms, and verify that the same number is coming out.  Additionally, fitting rooms should be locked when not in use, and unlocked only when a customer is ready to try something on.  This simple policy can prevent shoplifting inside of fitting rooms, because the potential shoplifter has to get the attention of an employee in order to go into the fitting room. Shoplifters do not like to draw attention to themselves.

Having security tags, security labels two way mirrors, and CCTV are additional ways to prevent shoplifting.  Have signs posted that CCTV security systems are in use.  Also, have visible camera globes, especially in corners and other areas attractive to shoplifters.  Utilizing a merchandise alarm with security tags is also a good theft prevention technique.

We may not be able to eliminate all shoplifting, but with a few of these suggestions we can go far to prevent shoplifting in our businesses.

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