Reactively Prevent Shoplifting

Reactively Prevent Shoplifting

The first time a shoplifter is caught, he or she will undoubtedly claim that it’s the first time they’ve ever done anything like this, will truly be embarrassed, will offer to buy the item or items, and will swear that they will never do it again.  In some cases, it may be true that this experience will prevent shoplifting from occurring in their lives again; for others, the experience may be only a small inconvenience.

This is just opinion, but I believe that very few retail thieves get caught the first time they give it a try.  The first time, they are generally very nervous, very suspicious, and extra careful to avoid detection, checking closely for one-way mirrors, CCTV cameras, security tags, or employees in the vicinity.  It’s only after they become more comfortable and confident that they let their guard down enough to be caught.

But what reaction should a storekeeper or owner have that is likely to prevent this shoplifter from repeating his actions?

First of all, the experience and embarrassment will probably keep a small percentage of shoplifters from stealing again.  But for others, letting them walk is only an invitation to suffer future losses from this shoplifter and others who hear that your establishment doesn’t prosecute for theft.

Is prosecution always the best course to take to prevent shoplifting?  Not always, but usually.  The crime of shoplifting is a serious one, costing retailers billions of dollars every year.  The courts are generally the best place to take care of shoplifters as they get the benefit of experiencing first hand the consequences of their illegal activities.  The storeowner doesn’t really know, when a shoplifter is caught in his store, if it’s the first or fiftieth time the person has been caught.  The court will know at least know if there have been any previous prosecutions and deal with it accordingly.  First offenders are usually given deferred judgment which means that the offense will not remain on their record forever, unless they fail to meet the terms of their probation or are arrested on another charge.  Repeat offenders receive harsher and harsher penalties.

A shoplifter is responsible for his own situation.

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