Reactionary Protection

We don’t always know what items are going to be the next hot theft item or what merchandise we are going to need to focus on to prevent shoplifting next. Sometimes it takes a few losses to realize how desirable something has become to a shoplifter. The best that we can do before theft becomes noticeable is to protect our most expensive merchandise with a Spider Wrap, Jewel Lok, Shark Tag, or one of the many other retail anti theft devices that are available on the market.

When deciding what to spider wrap after assessing price points, my typical strategy is to focus on things that are easy to steal and easy to sell. Any high dollar item with packaging that has a handle shoots straight to the top of my spider wrap priority list. High dollar small or easy to conceal items are typically first on my spider wrap list as well. Sometimes browsing local resale shops or online resale websites can help to identify what merchandise is being targeted.

When determining what merchandise to shark tag, I will typically tag merchandise seasonally or as I am noticing trends in used merchandise returns on specific types of merchandise. The most common time that we utilize a shark tag is during school dance seasons such as prom or homecoming. Affixing a shark tag to all high dollar dresses helps to prevent people from purchasing and using the item for their big event and then returning afterward. We will also use a shark tag on our leather coats to prevent seasonal wearers who purchase an expensive coat at the beginning of the season and return it once the cold season is over.

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