Quiet and Unassuming – Alpha Security

I read an article in a loss prevention trade magazine that covered a story about one of the head honchos retiring from Alpha Security. He was responsible for many of the new products that Alpha Security is currently using with enormous amounts of success in retail anti-theft devices.

His peers all seemed to think he was a great guy, quiet and unassuming always looking for the next great innovation. He wanted to be able to provide a valuable service to the industry.

When so many companies are dead set on profits above all, it was heartwarming to see a story about more than just record setting profits. To see someone with such accolades being remembered for his personality and commitment to prevent shoplifting issues speaks volumes.

It says that Alpha Security values people and ideas, not just profits. It shows in their products. They are not designed to break the banks of small business owners. The retail anti-theft devices are made to give small business owners a fighting shot at staying in business and not being driven out because they were the victims of shoplifters.

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