Protective Measures to Prevent Shoplifting

It is vital for a company to take certain protective measures to prevent shoplifting because it can singularly be the cause of thousands of dollars in lost revenue to a retailer. The first and most important protective measure is to make the shoplifters feel watched.  Elevate the cashier’s platform, install mirrors that enable cashiers and sales people to see over and around displays, install a closed circuit television system with visible cameras. Ultimately most shoplifters want to remain concealed. Anything that threatens that concealment may cause them to take their “business” elsewhere.

 Other ways to prevent shoplifting are to post signs warning against shoplifting.  Emphasize that your company policy is to prosecute all shoplifters. Many shoplifters, even once caught, believe that they can talk their way out of the situation. Let it be known that is not an option in your establishment. Encourage checking bags and packages on entry. Require receipts for merchandise returns for cash and insist upon a photo ID and signature for returns without a receipt. Even then only give the customer a gift card or voucher to be spent in the store.

 Install surveillance cameras to cover cash registers, high-value merchandise displays, entrances, loading docks and any rear entrances. There is a constant battle that occurs every day between the retailer and the shoplifter. Of course it’s a battle that we would like to win, but more over it’s a battle we would like the shoplifter to choose not to fight. The best way for us to prevent shoplifting in a store is to discourage the shoplifter at the onset. Make him/ her think it will be more trouble than its worth to escape unseen with their ill-gotten goods and you will successfully prevent shoplifting in your establishment.

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