Proper Way To Prevent Shoplifting 1

             Obviously we all want to prevent shoplifting within our individual stores. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. When it comes to employing anti shoplifting methods the risks may far outweigh the rewards if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

             The first step in your anti shoplifting checklist should be: you must see the subject enter the store or the department without the merchandise. If you skip this step you open yourself up to a world of hurt. How do you know that the person didn’t bring in a piece of clothing to return or exchange? Maybe they brought it with them in order to match it up to another piece they’re thinking of purchasing. If you don’t know then don’t risk it.

             Secondly, in order to prevent shoplifting, you must be able to identify the items taken, the location from which it was taken and the location, on the individuals person or belongings, where the merchandise has been concealed. Don’t play a guessing game. You need to know this information before you approach a shoplifter. If not you risk seeming unsure or unprofessional and could easily end up in a he said/ she said argument with the subject, or worse the police.

             Next, you must be able to describe how the subject concealed the merchandise and how they removed it from the store. Did they shove it down the front of their pants? (Don’t laugh; this happens far more often than anyone likes to admit) Did they simply walk out with it palmed in their hands? You’ve got to know all the details before making a stop. There are several other anti shoplifting steps that must be followed. These are just the initial steps you must perform in order to prevent shoplifting in your store.

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