Preventing Shoplifting…It can be done!!

Most shoplifters out there are not professionals and typically are impulse thieves looking for easy targets such as businesses without retail anti theft devices.

Many small business owners spend too much time worrying about overhead that they forget that the bottom line can be affected by shrink.

  Most of the companies I have worked for understood the importance of preventing shoplifting via physical security using retail anti theft devices such as checkpoint security tags (hard tags/soft tags/ink tags/EASy bottle tags). Other such retail ant shoplifting devices are camera systems, lockable merchandise cases and lockable clothing lanyards. All of the aforementioned devices can and will have an impact to help prevent shoplifting if employed consistently and correctly.

 It is imperative that initial training of the sales staff is executed clearly before any of the are used. Pinpointing your most vulnerable product, setting a feasible price point for tagging the product and then a daily or weekly audit of the tagged product to measure tagging compliance and proper tagging methods are the most important steps to take in ensuring your investment will prevent shoplifting at your place of business.

  I have conducted many interviews with shoplifters and the clear message from all have been that if a store is not employing tools or methods to prevent shoplifting that are clearly labeled and properly implemented, that is the place they will spend most of their time attempting to shoplift. No company who sells retail anti theft devices will tell you that their product will deter shoplifting 100%; they will explain that their product is a formidable obstacle to most shoplifters if a business properly trains their staff and implements their product consistently and correctly.

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