Preventing Shoplifting: Is It Possible To Stop Or Manage?

Shoplifting prevention is one element to a successful loss prevention strategy.   Many loss prevention executives and employees have put years of thought into the most effective way to prevent shoplifting.  It is widely believed that a global approach to shortage is the most effective fluid method. 

 A global and encompassing loss prevention strategy should be used to effectively reduce shortage and safety issues from the business environment.  Shoplifting can attribute for over half of all shortage in stores that are poorly setup or have no loss prevention strategy in place.  To prevent shoplifting, a retailer can use a combination of loss prevention policies, employee education, personnel, and retail anti theft devices.   By instituting loss prevention policies, a retailer can attempt to prevent the loss from occurring.  These policies come in the form of cash controls, merchandise limits on the shelves and fitting rooms, and proper placement of sales staff.  Education of sales employees is also a key element component to prevent shoplifting.   By educating employees on how to prevent shoplifting, they can effectively deter most individuals. 

 When the above elements do not work to prevent shoplifting, a retailer can take a more aggressive approach.  Hiring and staffing loss prevention employees has proven to be a very effective approach to shortage reduction.  These employees are trained to identify behaviors that are indicative of shoplifters.  These employees identify and apprehend individuals engaged in shoplifting.  These employees are often assisted by retail anti theft devices.  These retail anti theft devices include:  CCTV systems, door locks, security article tags, and shoplifter databases.  These systems become increasingly important when Organized Retail Crime is an element in the business.

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