Prevent Shoplifting without locking everything up

At one time, many retailers who were baffled with finding a system that would prevent shoplifting simply started to lock their small, high dollar, and/ or high shrink items away. This method undoubtedly dramatically reduces shrink; but at what cost in lost sales? 

From a customer service standpoint, this system is terribly ineffective AND costly. It is not surprising that this style of loss prevention is often referred to as “lost sales”.

There have been times as a consumer that I have needed to purchase an item  that has been locked up. In today’s meager payroll world, spending time to track down an associate, wait while they find another associate who has the key, and then wait for the item to be unlocked for purchase is highly frustrating and time consuming.

Most consumers in this “culture on the go” either don’t have the time or willingness to spend the time waiting for this process. I have no doubt that I am not the only customer who has walked out of a store without making the purchase because the process was simply taking too long.

Good customer service demands that you are able to simply ask an available sales associate to get whatever product you want into your hands without the drama. Successful retailers are rethinking this strategy and implementing the many versions of retail anti-theft devices designed for better customer service and sales.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store for retail anti-theft devices that can be implemented along with Electronic Article Surveillance (or EAS) system that can help you prevent shoplifting in your business.

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