Prevent shoplifting with the help of Alpha security.

Up until recently there had been two major players in the “retail anti theft devices” game.  With the introduction of Alpha security there is now another major play in this game and they are hitting it out of the park.  Alpha security is a leader in innovative retail anti theft devices that not only prevent shoplifting, but also keep the focus high on sales.

 There are several advantages to the retail anti theft devices from Alpha security.  One is they are sturdy and last.  No one wants to continue to replace security devices.  You expect to buy them and reuse them for a while and these products can stand the test of time.  Another benefit is the many types of products.  Here are some of the items offered.  First are sensor tags.  You can get traditional tags and you can get tags with an alarm built in that will sound when tapered with or removed from the building.  (It’s easy to explain setting off the door alarm, but hard to explain that alarm going off in your pocket). 

 Keeper cases are also a great choice.  These are hard portable cases you can lock the product in.  Unlike a display case, the customer can pick up the item themselves and take it to the register.  Spider wraps serve a similar function.  For items too big for the keeper cases you can use these wraps to attach an alarmed device to the product.  Like the S3 alarm sensor tags, an alarm will sound if tampered with or removed from the building. 

 The benefit to the keeper cases and spider wraps is you can openly display your product which is much more conducive for sales as customers hate having to wait for an associate to get something for them from a locked display case.

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