Prevent shoplifting with technology

There are many ways to prevent shoplifting and a good loss prevention plan will include a multi pronged approach.  If you have ever visited a Best Buy you probably remember seeing a staff member at a station between the entry & exit doors who greets shoppers as they enter and watches them as they exit.  This is a loss prevention security staff member. Staff are expensive and in the down economy employees are likely the first to go due to that being the largest share of overhead expenses.

So how do you use technology to prevent shoplifting from happening?  Installing an EAS system like checkpoint systems will be a major deterrent to shoplifters.  The presence of the system is noticeable from outside most stores since they are installed at the exit entry ways and shoplifters simply would rather move on to a store that is unprotected than wrestle with trying to defeat a system or setting off an alarm.

How the checkpoint system works is by detecting tags that are pinned on to merchandise or labels that are applied to merchandise.  When the security tags enters the antennas the alarm goes off alerting staff to an issue…without having to have a person standing there all store hours.

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