Prevent Shoplifting with Retail Anti-Theft Devices

It can be frustrating to watch your profits walk out the door if you don’t have a plan in place to help prevent shoplifting. Every time someone steals something from you it’s like they hit your bottom line twice because you lost the product but also potentially a sale of that product to a legitimate customer. Shoplifting can also cause a service issue when items we offer to sale aren’t on our shelves for our customers. Where I work we use a combination of retail anti-theft devices like hard and soft EAS tags and spider wraps in conjunction with CCTV and security personnel and get great success.

 Preventing shoplifting can be as easy as hiring a loss prevention investigator or using retail anti-theft devices such as RF tags, CCTV equipment, Alpha spider wraps, bottle locks and EAS tags. Some methods, such as EAS, are a great and simple visual deterrant for shoplifters. They not only make it more difficult for shoplifters to use the merchandise they steal but also establish the impression of control by letting everyone who comes in your store know you take theft seriously and actively work to prevent it.

 Retail anti-theft devices are an investment that pays for itself in terms of increased sales, better service to your customers and greater awareness of the physical security of your business and assets in your sales associates. The devices are easy to install and remove and there are a wide variety of options available depending on your merchandising and product needs. There are a number of ways you can prevent shoplifting in your establishment.

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