Prevent shoplifting with Public View Monitors!!!

Public View Monitors (PVM) have been around for years.  The reason you have seen them for years is that they do a good job to prevent shoplifting from your store.  There are many companies that use a myriad of retail anti theft devices, but I am surprised how often business leaders don’t think of Public View Monitors.

 For those who may not know, a PVM is a monitor that you hang on the sales floor that shows a specific camera view.  These are most commonly used at entrances and exits.  This is to show customers that they are being monitored and that you do have cameras.  This knowledge will go a long way to prevent shoplifting as thieves don’t like to steal from stores with cameras.  Many shoplifters know that stores use fake domes to make people think they have cameras.  The PVM’s show them that you are not pretending, but actually have a state of the art system.

 Another way to prevent shoplifting with Public View Monitors is to place some viewing your high theft items.  At my stores I use PVM’s by my baby formula, razors, cosmetics and over the counter medications.  This lets would-be shoplifters know that those particular areas are monitored and if I am missing product then I can see who took it.  By showing them that they are on camera we have seen a remarkable reduction in theft.  This is also a great deterrent to hold up and robbery.  Again, if someone knows their illegal actions will be captured on video and turned over to the police they are less likely to commit the act.  By showing would be robbers that you have good camera coverage you will force them to other stores who are less adequately protected.

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