Prevent Shoplifting with Education and Awareness in Atlanta Georgia

Methods to prevent shoplifting,  – as well as vendor theft and internal theft – should be included in everyone’s job description in a retail environment.   There are some very basic things that each employee can do during the course of the workday that contribute greatly to preventing theft.

· Customer service is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent shoplifting.  Simply making customers aware that staff knows they are there by acknowledging them, making eye contact with them, and speaking to them, is often enough to deter any illegal behavior.  It’s about preventing shoplifting rather than catching the criminal.  A legitimate visitor is flattered to have your attention; a shoplifter is likely to go elsewhere.

· Vary the routine.  Do employees always take the same route from the stock area to the work area?  Think about walking in other more indirect ways from place to place, and check some of the more out-of–the-way areas for anything unusual, like stashed merchandise or discarded packaging.  Shoplifters prefer hidden, less visible areas to do their work, and stay away the more frequently traveled routes.

· Be aware of surroundings, even if involved completing a routine task.  Many times, workers tend to become so intent on an assignment that they fail to notice unusual activity or circumstances that might occur close by them.  This type of tunnel vision causes employees to miss important signs of theft activity.  Don’t overlook the obvious when attempting to prevent shoplifting.

· All staff should know their area and know their merchandise and be able to tell if something is out of place, misidentified, priced wrong, or missing.  The more familiar with the surroundings, the more likely to notice if something is out of place.

Education and awareness on the part of employees goes a long way in the effort to prevent shoplifting in Atlanta Georgia and elsewhere.

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