Prevent Shoplifting with Customer Service


Those in business are able to prevent shoplifting in order to be profitable. Retailers lose billions every year to theft, by both their customers and their employees. You as the business owner do have options to stop some of that potential profit that is walking out of your door.

 One excellent way to prevent shoplifting is by simply providing excellent customer service, and teaching your employees to do the same thing. Employees learn by example, so if your management team in engaged in great customer service, your employees will follow suit. Explain to your new employees the importance of customer service and its value towards being able to prevent shoplifting.

For example, shoplifters that come into your business do not want attention. They want to be able to come in, take what they want, and leave without drawing attention to themselves. Teach your employees to approach customers in their areas, and ask them if they are finding everything. A simple gesture such as that can go far to stop the losses that your store is experiencing.

Employees should also be taught to notice customers while they are working. If your employees are working with their heads down and never looking up from their work, the customers and shoplifters will be walking by unnoticed. Not only are your honest customers being neglected, the shoplifters now have an environment in which to thrive.

If building your business and building profit is your dream, make it a reality and prevent shoplifting to reduce loss.

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