Prevent Shoplifting with Clothing Security

Can you prevent shoplifting with security tags on clothes?

The professional shoplifter is only 3% of the total number of shoplifters and accounts for 10% of dollar losses.

The casual shoplifter accounts for 70% of the shoplifting population but 5% of the dollars lost.

The Habitual, non-professional shoplifters accounts for 27% of shoplifting but is responsible for 85% of the dollars stolen.

Studies conducted show that when a habitual shoplifter encounters a clothing security device like a Checkpoint tag, 76% will not attempt to steal that item.

A simple calculation of losses will most likely reflect that even a 40% reduction in shoplifting loss will result in a large amount of money to the bottom line. Take clothing security seriously by preventing shoplifting in the first place.

Put Checkpoint security tags on clothes, prevent shoplifting and increase your profits by reducing your losses.

The effort to prevent shoplifting represents a minor investment.

Loss Prevention Systems is your solution to prevent shoplifting.

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