Prevent Shoplifting With Bottle Locks

One of the most difficult items to prevent shoplifting is the liquor bottle.  Bottle shops are typically laid out in a way that is difficult to observe all areas of the sales floor from any one vantage point.  The merchandise goes from fairly low price points to high (shoplifters like to upgrade), and is in bottles that are easily concealable.  There is usually a lot of product displayed, and the customers seem to want to hang around and compare types and brands.

The more exclusive brands, that is the most expensive liquors and wines, seem to be the more popular ones among certain customers.  There are brands that become popular even for just a while, but while they are hot, it seems like that’s what everybody is talking about and getting.

If a customer is going to shoplift a liter bottle of beverage, it is just as easy to get the more expensive one as it is a more common one.  And, if the shoplifter was going to get the more common (cheaper) one, he might buy it anyway.  It is hared to justify spending three or four times the amount just to get a particular brand. 

So the goal of the retailer is to adequately display the product so as not to lose sales because of customer inconvenience, and to prevent shoplifting of a highly desirable and expensive item.

One solution to this kind of a dilemma is the bottle lock that fits around the neck of the bottle and can only be removed with a proprietary tool.  The bottle lock prevents the top from being removed without damaging the bottle and rendering it useless, or even activating an alarm when it is removed from the premises.

Bottle locks provide a visual deterrent to shoplifters, deny the unauthorized use of the product, and allow merchandise to be attractively displayed.

Prevent shoplifting without limiting access to your product with bottle locks.

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