Prevent shoplifting with a smile


I know how it sounds; it can’t be that easy to prevent shoplifting in your business, right? Believe it or not, it really can be. We all like to think that the people that still from us are these evil, hardened, mean spirited criminals. But, in reality, most people that shoplift are everyday people that find a way to justify their actions for one reason or another.

Studies have shown that this “justification” is partly achieved by people feeling secluded or detached from the store. They think of these businesses as these large, cold companies and not as a warm and welcoming store. Shoplifters like to be able to disappear into the background and become a random face, not someone who has been individually identified. If you, as a company, pride yourself on customer service and making all customers feel welcome, you will make a giant first step towards being able to prevent shoplifting.

From the moment someone walks through the door it is important to greet them, make eye contact and most of all smile. When this occurs there are a few things that go through a potential shoplifter’s mind.

First, they now know they have been seen. They are no longer just a random face passing through the store. Shoplifters want to stay anonymous. By making eye contact not only are they not anonymous but facial recognition has been made.

Second, if they feel a connection to the store or enjoy there shopping experience it makes “justifying” a petty theft, that much more difficult. Most amateur thieves aren’t people who would still from friends, heck; they aren’t even people who would steal from acquaintances.

Simply having good customer service, being welcoming, making eye contact and yes smiling can help you and your company prevent shoplifting.

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