Prevent Shoplifting With A New Customer Service Approach

In a retailers effort to prevent shoplifting we must never forget our good customers. These are the people that pay the bills. The good news is that in our goal to prevent shoplifting and our quest for sales with our good customers the solutions are the same.

Customer service is a key factor in increased sales. We know that the more positive attention we pay to a customer the more sales will increase. A well-staffed store with highly trained employees makes a customer feel special and comfortable in a shopping environment. One of the advantages that a smaller retailer has over the big discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target… is that customer service is available on the sales floor. Have you ever tried to get help at one of the big stores? You wander around aimlessly looking for someone. You may even need to return to the front, which can be a hike.

Shoplifters on the other hand hate customer service. They want to be anonymous, blend into the background. So when you provide them with even a small amount of customer service you drive them crazy and prevent shoplifting. Why? Because a shoplifter needs some privacy, even for a few moments to steal. You take that away from them when you customer service them. This is especially true if you check back on them, linger or work in the area.

I have seen many shoplifters get frustrated and simply leave the store when we provide good customer service. The only problem with this concept is that as we have tighter labor budgets we have less customer service support on the sales floor. To counter this you have to either accept higher shoplifting losses or put tools in place such as Checkpoint Systems. These tools can extend your customer service reach. Checkpoint systems change the shoplifting dynamic in the store.  Even if there is a high customer to employee ratio the shoplifter is much more uncomfortable and tends to simply go elsewhere.

Using customer service is not just a tool for increased sales it is a weapon in the war to prevent shoplifting.

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