Prevent Shoplifting With a New CCTV Tool In Atlanta

Studies have shown that of the three groups of shoplifters, which include; impulse, amateur and professionals that the first two, impulse and amateur shoplifters can be significantly deterred with a customer service greeting. The idea goes like this: The shoplifter along with every other customer is greeted as they enter your store with a “May I help you” or “Can I help you find something” will cause many of the shoplifters in these two groups to not shoplift during that visit. In other words they have been noticed. This a well established tool to prevent shoplifting .

But many retailers do not have the labor to do this. Another concept that plays into this is a Public View Monitor (PVM). A camera is pointed at the entry door and the picture is displayed on a monitor usually twenty inches or larger that is mounted so that the customer sees them self enter. This gives the shoplifter a similar effect. They assume that they are being recorded and that the store has more cameras including hidden ones.

PVM’s can be configured in two ways. A standard camera and monitor or a camera that is built into a monitor. The latter give a clean hi tech look. The camera is hidden in the unit and thus gives the customer the idea that more cameras including hidden ones are in place. Most of these units are suspended from the ceiling out of reach.

Another idea takes this a step further. PVM’s are also put into high theft areas such as health and beauty, tools, clothing accessories… As the customer walks into the area they see themselves on the monitor.

Several brands of Public View Monitors will also display marketing information on them and have a motion detector built into them. When a customer walks within a short range of the monitor it switches to live mode. Otherwise, customers in surrounding areas can see specials or sales that are ongoing. They could also be configured to play brand information. Imagine that your vendors pay for the right to play their brand videos. Your vendors can help pay for your program to prevent shoplifting .

When looking for a PVM also consider several other options. Since the units need to be on when your store is open, get a unit that has a timer or scheduler on it. This way it will turn on and off based on the hours that you program into it and will not be running after hours.

And because the Public View Monitor will be on quite a bit consider a unit that is more “green” and consumes less energy. Typically conventional tube type TV’s are more power hungry. A flat screen is not only less energy thirsty but also presents a much better appearance. Space for the PVM must be considered also. Make sure that the unit is not too large and look out of place. Once set up this is an automatic program to prevent shoplifting .

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