Prevent shoplifting through your employees.

You find another empty package out on your sales floor, and are irritated once again that you cannot  prevent shoplifting inside your business.  But there are things that a business owner can do in order to help prevent shoplifting – there are simple techniques that can show results by reducing your losses.

Schedule an appropriate amount of employees at one time in your business.  Having too few employees allows for more opportunity for the shoplifter to find a secluded area to steal from you.  Also, your employees are better able to provide good customer service and attention to a possible shoplifter, which can further help prevent shoplifting.  Potential shoplifters do not want attention, so you can be sure to provide them the attention they despise by having good coverage on your sales floor.

Having registers or an employee working near the entrance of your store can also further prevent shoplifting so that shoplifters have to pass watchful employees to leave.  By greeting a customer that comes into your store and asking them if you can help them today, the shoplifter has been noticed.  The shoplifter now knows that employees are aware of his or her presence within your business.

Employees should also help try to prevent shoplifting through being available to customers.  While your employees are working on the sales floor, they should keep their eyes up, looking around.  By doing this while they work, they will notice suspicious customers or any customer that may need help finding an item.  Your employees can provide better customer service and prevent shoplifting at the same time.

Your employees can be an important tool to help you prevent shoplifting,  they may not even know it.  Once you make them aware of the difference they can make, you can reap the benefits of reduced loss.

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