Prevent Shoplifting Through Customer Service – Atlanta Georgia

Can exceptional customer service prevent shoplifting in a retail operation, or at least greatly minimize it?  The following items are not just useful customer service tips, but also act as a factor in retail theft prevention.

What does a shoplifter want to avoid when he comes into your store?  The answer is that he does not want to be noticed or recognized in any way.  The more anonymous the shoplifter can remain, the better he likes it.  By offering prompt and excellent service to each of your customers, losses from shoplifting can be reduced substantially.

Have someone available to greet of acknowledge each customer as soon after she enters the store as possible.  Speak to her directly and make eye contact. Create the impression that you recognize her and that you know who she is. Notice any attempt the customer might make to avoid help from an employee.

Shoplifters crave privacy so they won