Prevent Shoplifting Through Continuing Education

Finding a sure fire way to prevent shoplifting keeps storeowners and loss prevention agents busy looking for answers.  Each store and each location presents its own set of unique challenges when it comes to shoplifting, from location, to clientele, to merchandise mix.

All stores have two things in common, however: customers and employees.  The most basic element in reducing opportunity to the shoplifter is customer service.  Good customer service, that is paying attention to the customer individually, is one of the best ways to make a shoplifter think twice about stealing, especially if the staff is aware that any customer is a potential shoplifter.

Of course not every customer is a shoplifter, but potentially if given the right circumstances, any customer could be a shoplifter.  If everyone is continually reminded, during staff meetings, on the bulletin board, and in notes placed in paychecks that preventing shoplifting is a part of everyone’s responsibility.  This doesn’t go just for sales staff, but for support people as well.  Every employee should acknowledge each customer and make eye contact as often as possible.  This creates the impression in the potential shoplifter’s mind that he is known in that store.

If any staff member is instrumental in interrupting of a shoplifter, recovery of merchandise, or simply bringing a suspicious shopper to the attention of management, then that employee should be recognized for her contribution to the store’s profit.

When it comes to ways to prevent shoplifting, employees are definitely the key.  But it’s up to the store management to keep the employees consistently engaged in shoplifting awareness.

For a total store effort to prevent retail theft, in addition to the bells and whistles of electronic devices like CCTV and EAS, employees have to be trained on the correct way to use all the tools at their disposal.

Employee engagement is the most valuable tool to prevent shoplifting.

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