Prevent Shoplifting This Year With A New Approach – Atlanta Georgia

How about a fresh approach to prevent shoplifting in your store? Is what you are currently doing appropriate? Is it delivering you the reduction in inventory losses that you want? If it isn’t then you need a fresh approach. It is said that the definition of insanity is to do the same old thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

First look at what individual products are being stolen by the shoplifting public. If you have several items that are hit the most then address your efforts around them. In other words if 10% of your product is responsible for 90% of your losses then attack there first.

There are anti theft solutions that can attack specific product problems. If for example you are a woman’s clothing and accessories retailer and are having problems with shoplifters stealing high-end handbags then there is an Alpha High Theft Solution that will stop this.

If you are a liquor store retailer and there is a problem not only with shoplifting but also bottles being opened and consumed on your property then there is another Alpha High Theft Solution for that.

Are power tools a high theft problem? Another Alpha High Theft Solution product will stop this.

Many of these items will not only protect from shoplifting where the thief tries to leave with the product but will alarm in store if they tamper with the packaging. You do not and should not try to cover every product in the store. Focus on your worst “problem children” products. Once you have fixed them then go on to the next ones and so on until your shoplifting prevention program is delivering the results you want.

The measurement for this is do you have your losses at a budget level you can live with? You do not want to spend $5000 to protect a total of $100 in losses over a one-year period. The return on investment is simply not there. Prevent shoplifting with a fresh, new look!

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