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Organized Retail Theft, or ORT, has brought a whole new dimension to retailers’ attempts to prevent shoplifting and other types of retail theft.

Organized Retail Theft, committed by a loosely organized coalition of gangs, account for over $30 Billion in losses (which includes credit card and gift card fraud, and price tag switching) every year, according to the FBI.  Various methods are used by theses criminals including “Smash and Grab” after hours and organized shoplifting rings that steal items with a high resale value.  Cargo thefts are also a growing business for the thieves.

Items taken by the shoplifters tend to run to disposable or reusable items that are openly displayed in bulk like baby formula and razor blades, and put them in a supply chain to internet sites, flea markets, and even to legitimate retailers who buy them thinking the are on the up and up.  There is an entire criminal enterprise devoted to the reselling and distribution of stolen merchandise.

ORT is a subgroup of professional shoplifters.  They generally enter the store knowing what they are going to steal, go directly to it, throw it in a bag or a buggy, and walk quickly out the door with the merchandise where they have a car or truck waiting.  When they come in the door, they know exactly where they are going, what merchandise they are going to get, and have an escape route planned.  Any type of store is subject to be the victim of a visit from one of these groups connected to ORT.

When displaying merchandise in a way to prevent shoplifting by the casual shoplifter, the merchant some idea based on previous experience on how to place and arrange merchandise to discourage the thief.  Technically, the methods currently being used by these lawbreakers are not shoplifting as we have come to know it, but more like a robbery by snatching.

Various states have passed legislation specifically aimed at combating organized

Retail theft, increasing the punishment for those convicted far above that of shoplifting.  The problem has become so large that the FBI has a task force devoted to its investigation. 

As long as there is a demand, there will by thieves trying to fill it.  Even as a retailer tries to prevent shoplifting, there always seems to be a new retail theft threat to face.

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