Prevent shoplifting of holiday specials with Spider Wraps

As we are gearing up for fall and the holiday season I remember being struck by surprise last year at the items being sold by retailers as a whole.  I found many retailers carrying products that they normally don’t carry in hopes of picking up some extra sales.  In particular I was surprised by how many stores had GPS units.  I would expect this from an electronics store, but not from grocery stores and home décor stores.  What was particular alarming was that these stores did not know how to protect this product since it was not part of their particular line.

 I want to challenge everyone to start looking at the holiday items that are being planned and prepare a strategy to protect these items.  They are obviously items in high demand or they would not be used to draw business.  With that being said, they will also draw theft.  The only way to prevent shoplifting of high target items like this is to utilize retail anti theft devices.  Now you can certainly use traditional EAS tags, but good thieves know how to bypass this system.  A more impactful solution is Spider Wraps by Alpha Security.  These wraps have a cable that attaches a sounder to the merchandise.  If it is tampered with then it sets off an alarm and draws attention to the thief.  It also will keep the package from being opened so a shoplifter cannot simply remove the product from the box and conceal in a bag or pocket. The Spider Wrap also works with your existing EAS system so it will set off the EAS alarm if removed from the store. 

 We will all be receiving product that we may not normally carry.  The only way to prevent shoplifting of this merchandise is to plan ahead.

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