Prevent Shoplifting of Common Items

When most consumers think of ways to prevent shoplifting, they think of merchandise that is highly desirable and expensive.  This is not always the case, even with those classified as “professional’ shoplifters, those who steal not for their own use but to resell and convert their gains to cold hard cash.

I recently read an article [read it here…] about a couple in Portland, Washington, who are accused of shoplifting more that $5 Million dollars in merchandise over the past four or five years.

A couple of things grabbed my attention.  First of all, how could a major grocery chain with its own CCTV system and loss prevention department allow these thieves to get away with stealing form them all this time.  They were either phenomenally lucky or good at what they do. Or they were very selective about the merchandise they stole.

The second thing was the items that the couple were taking were all fairly common items: razors, shampoo, Rogaine, teeth whitener, conditioner, batteries, CD’s, and DVD’s.  No fur coats or flat screen TV’s.

These items have several things in common.  They are small and easy to conceal and they are items that are used every day. Most of them have a limited useful life before they must be replaced. 

The article stated that the police were looking for a third suspect who gave the couple a “shopping list”. 

To prevent shoplifting of these types of items, retailers have turned to Checkpoint Security Systems, along with Alpha Security products to keep merchandise safe from shoplifters from those who steal on impulse to professionals like those described in the article.

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