Prevent Shoplifting NOW!

Shoplifters, which amount to one in every ten people that walk in your door, are stealing from you. Why are you allowing it? It is so simple to prevent shoplifting . Do not wait any longer and let even more of your hard earned money slip out the door. To stop shoplifting you need to address the following points:

  • Your Attitude! If you believe that you can’t prevent shoplifting then you won’t. Shoplifters are criminals that steal if YOU give them the opportunity. You will never stop every single shoplifter. But you can create an environment where your good customers like being in your store, visiting with your employees and purchasing your merchandise. At the same time shoplifters will find that the environment is very hostile to them. This is true even if both a good customer and a shoplifter are standing next to each other.


  • Your Environment – Customer service is the key. Customer service is the foundation weapon you use to prevent shoplifting . Customers love it, like it can’t get enough of it. Shoplifters hate it and will actually avoid customer service. A good customer that has entered your store is looking for help. That’s why they are there. They enjoy being noticed and paid attention to. In many cases that is why they are in your store as opposed to a large retailer where customer service is basically non-existent. Shoplifters need privacy to steal, don’t give it to them.


  • Tools To Help – We know that even with the best customer service provided by trained highly motivated employees that you cannot be everywhere at once. The shoplifter knows that to. So if they can create a distraction or slip away then they have you. Not unless you have an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. Your more vulnerable merchandise is tagged or labeled. If the shoplifter is able to conceal the product it will trip the sensors at the doors when they try to leave.  But this will ONLY work with a combination of good customer service and EAS.

Don’t let your hard earned sales or merchandise walk out the door with out payment just because of your attitude or lack of preparedness!

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