Prevent Shoplifting Now

It takes a comprehensive effort to prevent shoplifting in any retail environment, and retailers have tried every way under the sun it seems to get it done.

I stopped in a truck stop in Tennessee that took a novel approach: They had taken screen shots of known shoplifters from their CCTV system and posted the pictures of these folks at various places throughout the store with captions attached. The captions said things like, “This THIEF stole a can of Vienna sausage!” under one man’s picture, or “This lady SHOPLIFTED a $3.00 magazine!” under another picture.  These pictures were at the checkout stands and all over the store.  Clearly, this storeowner had enough of his merchandise being stolen and wasn’t afraid to get personal about it.

I’m not sure that this choice of methods to prevent shoplifting would work on Fifth Avenue in New York.

There are some ways, however, that all retailers can use to control shoplifting.  The first is staff awareness.  Every employee should be trained and retrained on the store’s policies regarding shoplifting.  There are certain signs to look for that indicate shoplifting is occurring in certain areas of the store and that a particular item happens to be a popular target of thieves.  Information such as this should be mentioned at new hire orientations and at periodic store, department, and staff meetings.  Everyone should know what to do if they think they have seen a shoplifter.

Another way that works well in almost any retail environment is the installation of a retail anti theft device, such as one of the models manufactured by Checkpoint Systems.  The antenna placed at the entrance/exit detects Checkpoint labels and Checkpoint tags that have not been removed from the item by the cashier.  An alarm sounds as the tags pass through, alerting staff to take action.  Checkpoint Systems has a great training program for employees.

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