Prevent Shoplifting No Matter What it’s Called

How hard is it to prevent shoplifting when most people don’t seem to consider it a serious problem.  Even the slang names that shoplifting goes by downplay its impact on retailers: jacked; robbed; grabbed; lifted; boosted; snitched; nicked; ripped; and snagged are all terms used by shoplifters to describe what they do.

The fact is that shoplifting a serious crime with an enormous impact on the economy.  According to the NASP, more than $13 Billion worth of goods are stolen each year from retailers. 

That equates to $35 Million per year. 

[“Information and statistics provided by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), a non-profit organization;”]

Each and every customer who spends money with a retailer, whether it’s the local convenience store or the most exclusive boutique, makes up for the retailers’ shortfall by paying more for merchandise than he would if there were no retail theft.

Most shoplifters are just people like you and me.  The overwhelming majority of shoplifters would never steal from family or friends, or rob a bank, so studies have shown that the inclination to steal comes from social and personal pressures.

The first victim of the shoplifter is the storeowner, who has to take it on himself to prevent shoplifting from taking his business and livelihood.

Education, merchandising, and staff on the sales floor all help.

The most effective deterrent without keeping products locked away, is an EAS (electronic article surveillance system) such as on of the products provided by Checkpoint Security Systems.  A Checkpoint system standing at the exit to the store warns potential shoplifters that store management is serious about shoplifters.  It communicates to legitimate customers that the store values its shoppers by keeping prices as low as possible while still allowing access to all merchandise to touch or event to try on.

Prevent shoplifting by increasing the risk of detection and keep merchandise where it belongs, in the store or with a paying customer by using Checkpoint Security Systems anywhere shoplifting is a problem.

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