Prevent Shoplifting Loss By Juveniles

In our goal to prevent shoplifting loss we have to keep in mind that juvenile’s pose a different set of challenges. Unlike an adult kids steal for some additional reasons that we must keep in mind. Of course, there are the usual reasons, want the item, need the money… Kids though have another reason, peer pressure.

You will not fully prevent shoplifting loss by juveniles unless you understand the peer pressure that may be driving them. We as adults would not even consider jeopardizing our freedom, reputation and risk criminal and civil sanctions because someone dares us to shoplift. We are probably not going to shoplift in order to steal something for a “friend”.

Why do they do this? I have been told that our morals and ethics do not begin to become a permanent part of us until we are around twenty-one years old. After that we are less likely to be swayed by someone because of the desire to fit in. Think about it. You may have started smoking at that time because “your friends did it” and your desire to fit in. This is a reason why we give juveniles special status in our country. They are not held to the same legal status as an adult. In many states a juveniles criminal records are sealed to protect them.

Kids tend to travel in groups of two or more when involved in this type of activity. They deserve special attention when in your store. Of course this does not mean that every kid in your store is there to steal. But kids without adult attention should be watched.

The good news is that in most cases you can generally prevent shoplifting of this type easier than adults. Good eye contact and customer service skills will for the most part stop the individual kid from stealing on that visit. A Checkpoint system is also a very strong tool in this battle.

However, let them get away with it and you will become the magnet for juvenile shoplifters. We know how fast word will travel with kids. There are no secrets with them since knowledge is power.

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