Prevent Shoplifting! It’s Not Getting Better

If you are not actively working to prevent shoplifting your business is going to suffer. Shoplifting is not going away. As the economy remains unstable and un-employment is high more people will turn to theft to get what they want. Studies also show that shoplifters shift to unprotected retailers.

I know that from experience that once shoplifters know that you are an easy mark they will return time and time again. They will also tell their friends who also shoplift. You slowly become a magnet and with out realizing it your profits drop.

What measures do you take to prevent shoplifting?

Training!!! Anti-shoplifting training. You can’t do it just once you have to refresh and train new people.

Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. Tag and label your merchandise. This will act as a labor multiplier. This means less labor dollars to watch the same amount of sales floor. A shoplifter tries to steal and they are caught at the door.

Do not be afraid to approach a suspected shoplifter. They want to remain anonymous. Give them the feeling that you know, see and are helping them. Customer service! Shoplifters hate it.

Don’t wait prevent shoplifting now before you loose any more profit.

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